OK, so you bought them, now what?

When do I get to see my art?

We have developed our own unique unlocking mechanism. When you initially purchase the artwork you will see one of 9 tiles revealed. Every two days an additional tile will unlock revealing more of your finished piece. There are 8 tiles to unlock so the process will take 16 days in total. Once 5 tiles are unlocked you will be able to choose a name fitting for your new masterpiece. More on how to rename it here. Note, there will be a countdown associated with each artwork letting you know when the next unlock will take place.

How do I unlock tiles in my SatoshiFace?

The tiles which cover up your artwork are automatically removed at a rate of one tile every two days. You don't have to do anything, the Ethereum blockchain does all the work. The first tile will be unlocked immediately after your purchase, so you'll have a glimpse of what is hidden within.

Will others see my SatoshiFace on the website?

Yes. The gallery page will include every Face artwork. Once the artworks become fully revealed, the filtering functions can be used to sort by explicit traits.

How can I see how rare my SatoshiFace is?

Rarity stats for your individual piece will be available after your artwork is fully revealed. It is accessible by clicking the icon on the top right of your artwork. This function will allow users to assess how rare each explicit element of their piece is before the sale is complete. Moreover, once artwork is fully unlocked it will populate the categories section of the gallery.

How many can I own?

There is no limit. β€œOne is only limited by their imagination and ETH balance.” - Craig Buterin.

Can I print a SatoshiFace and hang it on my wall?

Absolutely. After purchase, you have complete ownership over the NFT and the associated artwork.

Can I see my Faces without connecting my wallet or on my phone?

Definitely! Copy your wallet address (the one that is holding your Faces) and add it at the end of https://satoshifaces.com/owner/ Now the link should look something like this: https://satoshifaces.com/owner/0xEc031b8Abe78ecab0A6636b92aF53d7013a97A37 Bookmark it and that custom link will always take you to the Faces owned by that wallet/address.

What are those roles on Discord that some members have?

The roles on our Discord server are assigned to users who use the !join command to register with the Colab.Land bot in our server. Based on the number of SatoshiFaces held in a wallet, these are the available roles: 1-4 = Pioneer 5-9 = Innovator 10-17 = Feline 18-24 = Idol 25-49 = Ape 50+ = Architect

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