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When can I name my SatoshiFace?

A Face can be named after 5 tiles have been unlocked, providing you own 250 or more SFT (initial purchasers are able to claim 500 SFT after purchase). If you are purchasing a Face from OpenSea or a similar marketplace, you can change the name as soon as you own 250 SFT (and the Face has at least 5 unlocked segments). Note however that Faces purchased from OpenSea or similar marketplaces may not come with the previously minted tokens.

How to rename a face?

Go to and log in with your MetaMask.
Ensure that you have accumulated enough SFT to change the name of a FACE (250 SFT minimum) and that a FACE has at least 5 segments showing.
Click "Claim SFT". You can either claim all SFT from all FACES at once at the top, or individually for each FACE below that artwork.
Return to your wallet and click "name face".

How much for a name change?

The cost of a name change is 250 SFT. All Faces purchased during the initial sale will receive a 500 SFT bonus, giving you enough for a name change and some leftover!

Can I name my SatoshiFace 'John', if another Face already owns the name?

No. Names must be unique. Once a name has been given to a Face, it is stored in the blockchain until the owner decides to change it. Once a name is changed, the previous name becomes immediately available for use.

What are the rules for changing names?

• Names must be unique • Maximum of 20 characters (including spaces) • Uniqueness is case insensitive ('John' and 'john' are considered the same) • No leading or trailing spaces • Only alphanumeric characters