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What exactly are SatoshiFaces?

SatoshiFaces, otherwise known as “Faces” are digital art collectibles comprising of 4999 unique portraits. All of the pieces and elements within are created by British artist Ed Merlin Murray.

Are SatoshiFaces pre-minted?

No Faces were minted before the start of the sale.

Will there be any more SatoshiFaces?

No. This will be the only SatotshiFace iteration. No additional artworks will ever be created as a part of this collection. 4999 of them.

Are they all really unique?

All of the components, pieces, characters, backgrounds, and items in SatoshiFaces were drawn by hand by Ed, as shown here and here. And also here shows how the character is digitized.

The 4999 Faces themselves were created through proprietary software that randomized the placement of each together, guaranteeing that each is 100% unique, and the rarities of each piece are established based on the predetermined characteristics. Before the first segments were revealed to us Face-heads, all 4999 unique Faces were randomized and shuffled.

Chances of getting a rare one?

Every artwork, rare or common has been randomly distributed using an on-chain mechanism to assign them fairly and transparently to buyers. The buyers will all have the same chance of getting a rare collectible no matter what bracket the artwork has been collected in. It is also important to remember that the Faces collection has both explicit and implicit traits meaning rarity is, to some degree an interpretation rather than a calculation.

Will unsold SatoshiFaces get burnt?

No. To ensure pre-set rarity percentages are maintained and special pieces are not destroyed, no Faces will be burnt.

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