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How to become a proud owner.

How much does a SatoshiFace cost?

The current price for each SatoshiFace NFT can be seen at

How to buy a SatoshiFace?

Check out our guide here for a full tutorial on how to buy your very own SatoshiFace NFT.

What are the fees associated with using the SatoshiFaces site?

The basic functionality of the site is free to use, however, there are compulsory “gas” fees when interacting with the blockchain. Gas fees are the costs associated with transmitting data on the Ethereum blockchain. They fluctuate depending on the congestion of the chain at any given time. There are several instances when interacting with our platform where these gas fees would need to be paid. At the time of launch these can include: purchasing Faces, changing Face names, transferring ownership of Faces, claiming SFT, selling and purchasing SFT on a DEX (Uniswap).

How many can I buy at once?

The maximum quantity you can buy in a single transaction is 49 Faces.

What if I buy a SatoshiFace just before the current price tier ends?

If you purchase more than one Face near the end of a price bracket you will be charged the price of the previous bracket. For example, if 2499 Faces have been sold, leaving just one until the next price bracket, if you were to purchase 10 Faces you will be charged the lower price of 0.25 ETH for each Face. This has been designed to avoid rejected transactions near the end of price tiers.

How do I know which SatoshiFace I am buying?

You don't. The order of our NFTs has been completely randomized. The artwork, once purchased is gradually revealed until the final segment is unlocked, 16 days after purchase.

Will the minting contract expire?

There is no end date for the close of this minting contract.

Will I be able to trade my SatoshiFaces after the sale?

Yes. After purchase, you have complete ownership over the NFT and the associated Face artwork. You can wait for the artwork to be fully unlocked before you sell or you can take the chance if initial segments are rare and list a partially unlocked piece on secondary markets such as OpenSea.

How can I sell my SatoshiFace?

There are several marketplaces that support the selling of NFT's. OpenSea marketplace will be integrated into our platform. To visit an artwork's associated OpenSea page, please click on the top left of each artwork, or click here to access the whole SatoshiFaces collection on OpenSea.

Can I send a SatoshiFace to my friend?

Yes. As with any ERC-20 token ERC-721 NFTs can be sent between addresses or to others using the send function on your wallet provider.

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